Important Telephone Numbers
Emergency 112
Fire Brigade 080
Red Cross 901 222 222
Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) 062
Municipal Police 092
National Police 091
British Consulate -  Website 902 109 356 / 913 342 194

Car accident in Spain.

If you are unlucky to be involved in a car accident in Spain, you should be aware of the process involved, even if the accident is small. Continue reading... 

Banking in Spain

It is more or less the same as banking all over the EU, with most banks having the facility to offer mortgages and loans along with cheque accounts, credit cards, direct/standing order services and cash. Continue reading... 

Traffic Fines in Spain.

They are increasing, perhaps due to Spain currently having the lowest speed limits in Europe and many local town halls in desperate need to recoup money. Living in Spain or just visiting. Continue reading... 

Report a Crime in Spain.

Spain is not known as a country with high crime rates in Europe; however it is vital that residents and visitors are aware of the process of reporting a crime in Spain to the police. Continue reading... 

Register with your Town Hall (Empadronamiento)

Every town hall (Ayuntamiento) in Spain has a list of people who live and are registered in the town, this list is called the “padron”. To register with your town hall is called (empadronamiento). Continue reading...