Car accident in Spain.

If you are unlucky to be involved in a car accident in Spain, you should be aware of the process involved, even if the accident is small.

Many minor collisions are solved between both parties and there is no need to call the Police. Both drivers must agree as to who is responsible and all drivers should carry the Spanish insurance accident report (DeclaraciĆ³n Amistosa de Accidente).

As both drivers agree who is responsible, this form should be filled out together and signed. If both drivers cannot agree, or if someone has been injured, you should call the National Police(Guardia Civil) on 112. Once the Police have taken statements from both drivers and inspected the accident site, they will issue their report of the accident.

If an accident in Spain involves a parked car and the owner cannot be found, the Police must be called to allow them to contact the owner. If the other driver involved in the car accident refuses to co-operate with you, you should record the vehicles license plate number along with a physical description of the driver, in case the vehicle has been stolen. If there are witnesses to the accident, you should take their contact details for any possible court cases or legal action. It is highly recommended to take photos of the accident area and both cars, when possible.

When any drivers or passengers involved in a car accident in Spain have been injured, you must call 112 to request medical attention. Medical reports will state the injuries were as a result of a car accident and will be needed for any insurance claims made.

A claim with your insurance company must be made within 7 days of the accident. Any police reports and medical reports must be attached to the compensation claim.