Register with your Town Hall (Empadronamiento)

Every town hall (“ayuntamiento”) in Spain has a list of people who live and are registered in the town; this list is called the “padrón”. To register with your town hall is called “empadronamiento” and all residents who live in Spain are required by law to do so. ”Empadronamiento” is a key step in becoming a member of your Spanish community.

Why should you register?

1. The allocation of funds by the Central Government to each town is determined by how many people are registered on the towns padron. This money is used to provide public services such as health centers, schools, police and cleaning/maintenance services. The more money your local government has, the better the public services it can provide.

2. The “empadrón” document provided when you register on the “padrón”€ is a very useful document to have when dealing with Spanish administration. This can be used for a multitude of procedures such as registering for healthcare, dealing with department of Traffic, enrolling your kids in local schools, and more.

3. To have the ability to vote in local and European elections, you must be registered on the “padrón”.

4. Many local town halls run education courses, cultural activities and sports facilities. Everyone registered on the “padrón”€ receive discounts for these activities.

5. Useful if you want to get married or apply for travel documents and visas.

So how do I apply for it? 

You will need to go to your local town hall and request the application form (“hoja de empadronamiento”). Once this application form has been completed, you will be asked for the following documents:

- Original Passport and a photocopy 


- Proof of ownership of a property Deeds (“Escrituras”) or a rental contract. 

And that’s it; you will be issued with your certificate of ”empadronamiento” straight away.